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What You’ll Learn During This Session

Our Innovative Curriculum Card icon
Our Innovative Curriculum

Learn about our innovative curriculum designed to help individuals with no tech background break into business analysis, scrum master, or product owner roles. This session will cover our unique approach to learning and how it sets us apart from traditional bootcamps.

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Real-World Experience

Discover how we provide hands-on, real-world experience to our students. This session will cover our approach to helping students gain practical experience through internships, projects, and mentorship.

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Job Placement Support

Learn about our job placement support program and how we help our graduates land their dream jobs in tech. This session will cover our approach to job placement, including our network of employer partners, resume and interview coaching, and ongoing career support.

Meet Your Speaker

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Vivek Khattri

CEO & Co-Founder
Agile Coach, Product Manager and Best-seller Instructor with 8+ years experience working in Fortune 500 companies such as MasterCard, Express Scripts, Monsanto, Panera Bread and Bayer helping companies transform into an agile environment. Vivek is passionate about helping students grasp the agile mindset and learn agile practices.
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Pabitra Khanal

School Director and COO
Scrum Master, Agile Coach and Business Analyst with 6+ years of experience working at large companies like Nestle Purina, Ameren, Charter Communication, and US Veterans Affairs as well as several small startups. Pabitra is a certified Agile Coach and career coach who helps students to transition into Scrum Master, Product Owner, Business Analyst jobs. Pabitra is an avid content creator on Linkedin on top creating impactful courses on Agile topics.

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